Maskulints läslista

Maskulint ger tips på böcker som alla män bör läsa.

The way of men – Jack Donovan
Becoming a barbarian – Jack Donovan
The way of the superior man – David Deida
Man of the house – C.R. wiley

Sexualitet, kvinnor och relationer:
No More Mr Niceguy – Robert. A Glover
The rational male – Rollo Tomassi
Sexual utopia in power – Roger F Devlin
Staying married in a degenerate age – Michael Sebastian.
Spelet – Neil Strauss

Mindset, stoicism och filosofi:
The obstacle is the way – Ryan Holiday
The 50th law – Robert Green, 50 cent
A guide to the good life – William B lrvine
The Gorilla Mindset – Mike Cernovich
The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson

Leap first : create works that matters – Seth Godin
Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill
The 10X rule – Grant Cardone
The one thing – Jay Papasan, Gary Keller
How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

Hälsa, träning och kampsport:
The Paleo Manifesto – John Durant
The Professor in the Cage – Jonathan Gottschall
The Depression Cure – Stephen S Ilardi
What doesn’t kill us – Scott Carney