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Maskulint - The Nordic Manosphere

Welcome to the Nordic part of the Manosphere! Our site Maskulint (Masculine) was started in 2017. We are the only site in Sweden and in northern Europe that speaks exclusively to masculine men, that is redpill and anti-egalitarian. Our inspiration comes from mainly three books, No more Mr Niceguy by Robert Glover, The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi and The Way of Men by Jack Donovan (also check out our reading list).

This is Maskulint.se

Our main goal is to be a resource and platform for personal development for men. Also we hope to inspire men to create groups and Männerbunds of their own, wherever they may be. These are some of our guiding principles for our work:
• Our outlook is Archeofuturistic, that means that we believe in combining the most essential archaic values of the past with the best science of the future. We don’t believe that everything is good or bad just because its very new or very old.
• We are redpill, that means that we recognize mental and physical differences between men and women, and the often, brutal reality of sexual dynamics. The best condition for men and women to come together is when we recognize our natural roles for what they are.
• We are tribalistic, that means we don’t believe that everyone is compatible with eachother, that there is one uniting ideology, religion or lifestyle that suits everyone that will unify all of humanity. The best condition for peace and cooperation is separation, not to force people with incompatible values together. This is true for nations as well as local communities.
• We are anti-egalitarian, that means we believe that nature, animals and every individual human is unequal in ability and worth depending on their context. A convicted killer is not equal in worth as a innocent child. A weak man is not equal in ability as a strong man when it comes to lifting a tree and so forth. We are not equal, but we can be complementary when we recognize that we are better suited for different roles in society.

Will your site be available in English?

For now all of our articles are written in Swedish, but we plan to translate articles into English in the future. We would also like to network with other sites, organisations and individuals associated with the Manosphere in other countries around the world, especially from other northern countries. If you are interested in this please contact us here.


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